Wakeboarding / Water Skiing

Floating that grab, smoothing out your air time to tweaking that S bend, to going dizzy on those spins, to grinning from ear to ear riding on the endless glassy water and feeling the love of the ride, to having great laughter on our beautiful beast Tamara to be wanting to stay on for more.

Apart from just being fun and exciting, Water Skiing/Wakeboarding is another way to spend a day at the beach - a chance to see Tobago from yet another angle. You can also take the whole family and ski together, or each take turns while the others chill out on the deck of the boat enjoying the sun and taking some souvenir pictures. Plus, it's a great work out!


Cost: Beginners $50 US for 30 mins

                   Experienced $40 US for 30 mins

                                                                                                                  Time: All day