Scuba Diving


This is one of the most beautiful parts of the world, both above and below the water! The tropical waters are temptingly warm all year round. It boasts crystal clear water, spectacular reefs, rock formations and a colourful selection of marine life.


Most of our dive sites are within a 30 minute boat journey, which means you actually spend most of your time diving rather than sitting in a boat!


Most of our dives are drift dives, so the boat picks you up at the end of the dive. Our dive sites offer a broad range of topography, including sea mounds, slopes, canyons, walls and flatter areas, providing a wide selection for divers of all levels.


Typically we encounter stingrays, octopus, cuttlefish, moray and ribbon eels, a variety of scorpion and lionfish, clams, sea snakes, silly amounts of turtles and a bewildering amount of fish. Thousands of species dwell in these waters, other visitors include mantas.

Dives are generally at 11:30 am and 2pm, and we expect you around ½ hour beforehand to arrange equipment, and so we can make all the necessary pre-dive checks and briefings.


Cost: $45 US per person 

Equipment rental: $25 US per person

Included:  $BCD, Rgulator, Wetsuit,  Fins Mask and Snorkel

**Weights and Tank are included in dive cost**