One of the delights of being in the Caribbean is the crystal clear warmblue waters, teaming with life, from fish to corrals; from mollusks to turtles; from squid to lobster. There are many idyllic snorkeling locations around Tobago, and we know most of them (if not all!). Some can be reached in just minutes, such as the Buccoo Reef and Coral Gardens, others require some more time on the boat which I’m sure you won’t mind.

The underwater world of Tobago is a wonder to behold. Snorkeling allows you to observe various aquatic animals like sea horses, frog fish, batfish, and other exotic and delightful creatures. Dramatic coral walls that begin only a few feet from shore drop off steeply into the ocean. Snorkelers can swim right up to the animals, though it's recommended that they do not touch the ocean's wildlife. Tobago has some of the most scenic underwater settings in the Caribbean, and you can experience it all while vacationing on the island.

Cost: $50 US per person

Time: 10am to 2pm or 2pm to 6pm

This trip can also be arranged as a charter:
$400 US, incl. max. 10 persons

Included: Licensed Captain and deck hand, on board entertainment, snacks, drinks and snorkel equipment.