Sunday School Tour

Sundays are a no-contest. All roads lead to Buccoo and its famous Sunday School street party. Each weekend in Buccoo the Sunday School Street Party ensures revellers party their way into the new week. It's is a drama in two acts that every Tobago visitor should experience.

The first, 9pm to 11pm, is targeted largely at visitors, with steelpan music from the Buccaneers and dozens of craft, food and even gambling stalls filling the street and environs. From 11pm, the local crowds begin to swell and DJ music continues in the beach facility and neighbouring Hendrix Original Sunday School until the party dies out. Make sure you’ve got plenty of energy, though, because on a good night that can mean 5am.

We created this tour so you don't need to worry about traffic or where to get a taxi at the end of the night. Step onboard Tamara and enjoy a drink and music as you glide across the still waters towards Buccoo all reved up for a wonderful night out. The captain, once on land, transforms into the ultimate party animal ensuring you have a good time. At the end of the night head back onboard where you will be returned safely to your destination.



Cost: $25 US per person

***After party until sunrise can be arranged at an additional cost.***