Trinidad Day Tour

This is the ultimate tour, one for the real adventure lover. The trip leaves Tobago early in the morning and heads for Trinidad, the bigger of the two islands and if it's a really clear day and the tide is low you will see Trinidad from the time we leave. As the journey continues and you start enjoying the open ocean, take a look behind you and soon you will notice Tobago getting smaller and smaller until it finally disappears. At this point you are midway between the two islands and in about 20 mins later you will be docking in the beautiful village of Grand Riviere on the northern coast of Trinidad.

Named after the wide flowing river that originates deep in the Northern Range, Grande Riviere boasts a superb beach, which for six months of the year (March 01 – August 31) is one of the nesting sites of the protected Leatherback Turtle. This gentle curve of coarse, yellow sand has remained unchanged for hundreds of years and the only signs of civilization are a few unobtrusive buildings that blend into an otherwise unbroken jungle. Tall, forested headlands border the eastern end of the beach where the Grande Riviere River comes down to meet the sea. It is to this spot that the Leatherback Turtle returns to lay her precious cargo year after year.

The serene surroundings are home to a variety of both bird and wild life and there are also a number of hiking trails and waterfalls to explore, take a dip in the river or just relax on the beach, whatever you choose to do for the rest of the day is entirely up to you. You can have lunch at the Le Grande Almandier which is a lovely restaurant that sits right on the beach that has a seafood menu to die for.

At the end of this wonderful day we will head back up the coast to Tobago and if you are lucky you may see a Leatherback turtle or two.


Cost: $120 US per person 

Time: 10am to 5:30pm

This trip can also be arranged as a charter:
Cost: $650 US, incl. max. 6 persons