Tobago: Weather

Located just 11° north of the equator, Tobago enjoys a tropical climate and is sunny all year round. The average daytime temperature is 29°C (83°F) and maximums in the low to mid 30s. The water temperature is a few degrees lower. Trade Winds blow consistently, cooling the island so effectively that air-conditioning is the exception rather than the rule.

Tobago has two seasons: the Dry Season between December and May, and the Wet Season (known as the Hurricane Season) between June and November.

The early months of the year are dry and sunny. Although rain falls at its heaviest during the Rainy Season, it is quite possible to get it at any other time. The vast majority of this rain falls at night, and particularly around dawn. This keeps the island lush and green. The rain generally falls in short sharp bursts. 30 minutes later it hard to believe that it rained. The rain is warm and a great respite from the heat.

Tobago is outside the main hurricane belt (hurricanes do not form at latitudes lower than 10 degrees north or 10 degrees south) and has fewer autumn storms than many of the more northerly islands. Prior to Hurricane Flora in 1963, Tobago hadn't experienced a hurricane for a hundred years. Hurricane Ivan, in 2004, uprooted a few trees but caused no major structural damage on the island. All the Caribbean islands to the north of Tobago have regular storms and hurricanes.

Although temperatures are consistent throughout the year, changes in the direction and force of the winds can make the summer months feel much hotter than the 'winter' months.

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